Thanks to The Kitchen Designer

I wanted to thank Susan Serra, Certified Kitchen Designer, aka The Kitchen Designer, for sharing her wisdom and tips for kitchen renovations with my newsletter readers.

In my recent May issue, Susan shared the importance of patience and taking time to let the kitchen design process come together. Her important points when planning a kitchen:

* A quality of life for 20 years.
* A design statement connected to the entirety of their home.
* A functional environment that has at least several work flow possibilities which must be explored.
* Perhaps, a once-in-a-lifetime project.
* A space that needs to address numerous lifestyle activities.
* A space that needs to “speak to” other rooms in a intelligent way.
* A space that needs to work with the architectural elements such as doorways and windows.

Read Susan’s entire post on this subject here.

Thanks, Susan!

xoxo Linda

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  1. Well, thank you, Linda, for including me in your newsletter! I’m continually delighted by your blog and your point of view. It’s creative, goes in interesting directions, and truly, it’s just great to know you, even in this cyber way!

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