Travel Tuesday – Boston

I was debating whether to hold off posting this until the week of July 4th, but Boston has so much to offer, that you might be inspired to book now to be here on July 4th! While we have a somewhat deserved reputation for being staid and old-fashioned, we do know something about good old elegance. Which isn’t too bad, after all!

Hotel Marlowe in Cambridge, overlooking Boston

This is the Oval Room – My parents wedding reception was held here in 1954
This is the Oak Room Bar – where we celebrated my parents 45th anniversary

Fifteen Beacon Hotel and Federalist Restaurant situated on Boston’s Beacon Hill

xoxo Linda

4 thoughts on “Travel Tuesday – Boston”

  1. The restaurant, The Federalist, is a nice place. Although, the first time I went, I ordered a gin & tonic ($11) and when it came – it was just water with ice. They’d swapped my drink with the guy next to me! I thought it seemed a bit weak for $11!

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