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In my previous post on The Holiday, we saw how to get the look of Kate Winslet’s picture book English country cottage. Now, we take a look at the impressive LA home of Cameron Diaz’s character, Amanda, a very successful movie trailer producer.

The Holiday LA House

Director Nancy Meyers and Production Designer Jon Hutman created an interior filled with fairly traditional furnishings in a simple white, gray and black color palette, creating an air of contemporary elegance. The exterior house, set in Brentwood in the movie, was actually the home of famous California architect Wallace Neff, which he designed for himself in 1928. It’s located in San Marino, a suburb of Pasadena.

The Holiday LA House Wallace Neff Cameron Diaz Kate Winslet Wisteria
The Holiday LA House designed by famed architect Wallace Neff

 The interiors were created on a sound stage. Interestingly, the online “chat” about this stage set called it contemporary, but I think it’s really more an updated traditional look (and not unlike their set for Diane Keaton’s home in “Something’s Gotta Give“). Most of the furniture is pretty classic looking, covered in simple cotton slip covers. Several of the chairs, sofas and even the bed have “wings”, creating a soft, comfortable look.

I do have to say, I’ve never seen so much seating in an actual interior. The kitchen looks like it could seat 12-14 people – between the table, the counter seating and some upholstered pieces. The living room has a day bed/chaise, sofa and several arm chairs. By virtue of the fact that this house is so significantly larger than the English Country House, there are actually a ton more photos to share.

 LA House Foyer

The Holiday LA House front hall stairs sisal carpet Cameron Diaz Kate Winslet

The staircase in the foyer features “Gretchen” by Robert Longo.

LA House First Floor

The Holiday LA House living room front hall Cameron Diaz Kate Winslet

Since the movie premiered in 2006 (I’m updating this post in 2018) I think our interiors have simplified a little. So, while everything in this living room would still look fresh and modern today, it’s a bit overly jammed packed and “styled” looking, don’t you think?

The Holiday LA House livingroom slipcovered sofa Cameron Diaz Kate Winslet

This long cross hall with the wall of windows has always been one of my favorite views in this house.

The Holiday LA House First floor hallway Cameron Diaz Kate Winslet

I’m not sure we ever saw the inside of the room off the hall with the brown walls. I wonder if they only decorated the part we saw? Probably.

The Holiday LA House console table hallway Cameron Diaz Kate Winslet

Entering into the kitchen area.

The Holiday LA House first floor Cameron Diaz Kate Winslet


The Holiday LA House Kitchen Cameron Diaz Kate Winslet

The Holiday LA House Kitchen 2 Cameron Diaz Kate Winslet


The Holiday LA House Kitchen counter slipcovered stools Cameron Diaz Kate Winslet

It’s kind of surprising how wrinkled the slip covers are on the dining room chairs, isn’t it? But don’t you want to see what’s outside the windows?

The Holiday LA House Dining room slipcovered chairs Cameron Diaz Kate Winslet

LA House Second Floor

The Holiday LA House bedroom upholstered headboard Cameron Diaz Kate Winslet

The bedroom where Kate Winslet’s character slept – a lot.

The Holiday LA House Sitting room slipcovered sofa Cameron Diaz Kate Winslet

A pretty little moment, though am not sure where in the house this was.

The Holiday LA House Sitting area blue chairs blue drapery white walls Cameron Diaz Kate Winslet

The big ass media room. Love the line up of cozy looking chaise lounges.

The Holiday LA House media room Cameron Diaz Kate Winslet

And the bathroom with the cool storage cabinets and gardens beyond.

The Holiday LA House bathroom freestanding bathtub Cameron Diaz Kate Winslet

LA House Backyard and Pool

The Holiday LA House pool area Cameron Diaz Kate Winslet

Inspired to get this look? Here are a few items to get you started. (Disclaimer: A small portion of any sale in my Holiday LA House Boutique will be paid to me as a commission, which helps support this blog. Thank you!)

So, what do you think – is this a fresh contemporary interior space, or an updated traditional one? Any by today’s standards (2018) – do you think this house still seems fresh?

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8 thoughts on “Get That Look! The Holiday – Cameron Diaz’s LA House”

  1. I remember seeing this movie and thinking “It looks like the whole Williams-Sonoma Home catalog.” So, yeah, updated traditional. And it could use some personality, no? But I guess that was supposed to be part of the character. (I thought it was a terrible movie!)

    The exterior of the house, especially the bougainvillea, was the best part of the whole movie.

  2. I’ve been looking since I saw the movie for the make and color name of the rectangular grey tiles in the large foyer of the L.A. home one sees as one of the women is rushing to answer the door. Thanks for info.

  3. Hi CLA and Anon – I’m afraid I don’t know what that tile is. I suggest you bring an image from the movie, or a copy of the CD to your local tile store and ask them to see if they can match the look for you. Good luck!

  4. I am sooooo glad I finally found this website! I’ve watched this movie so many times to try to remember the decor for this movie.
    THANK YOU for putting this together! I think it’s contemporary with a subtle warm tradition! I want my house to look like this! LOVE IT!!

  5. Thank you for this site! I just love this movie and the house decor is awesome. It definitely gives me something to work with…my design is getting stale.

    Great job!

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