Up a tree

photo courtesy of TreeHouse Workshop

My favorite Washington Post design writer, Terri Sapienza, has this piece in today’s paper on tree houses. From simple platforms to full on second homes, tree houses are alive and well, and not just for kids, apparently.

Peter Nelson of TreeHouse Workshop in Seattle was interviewed for this piece. Here is some of their work:

There is a wonderful organization – Treehouses.org that is working to get at least one wheelchair accessible treeshouse in every state. According to their website, 13 down, 37 to go. Can you imagine the freedom these kids must feel – being able to get up into the trees? Here’s a few images:

I didn’t have a treehouse as a kid. But I know if I had, I know I would have wanted a palace in the sky. However, I also know my older brothers would have gotten there first and posted a “no girls” sign!

Did you have a tree house as a kid?

xoxo Linda

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