Saturday Finds in Maison Cote Est

One of my favorite Saturday afternoon pastimes is to visit one of the local big box book stores, buy a cup of coffee and peruse the international shelter magazines for interesting and unique finds. Usually I don’t have my laptop with me, but my Apple iBook decided to give up the ghost last night and the repair cost, (not to mention time lost) of sending it away for repair, plus the belated purchase of Apple Repair coverage when it came back was adding up to nearly half of what I paid a little over a year ago for it (it was refurbished when I got it, so less expensive). Anyway, let’s just say it was an expensive day. So, I’m sitting here in B&N, drowning my sorrows in coffee, bagels and free magazines, and trying out my fancier, newer Apple MacBook that has 100GB’s. And, since I’m still in close proximity to the Apple store – I have free wifi here! Score! OK, it’s the little things, sometimes…

Anyway, enough of my sad Mac tale. Here are a few things that caught my eye and lifted my spirits in the French magazine Maison Cote Est.

Kenzo Home Accessories at Lelievre.

“Branche et papillions” wallpaper from France Boesch

I usually keep my posts strictly interiors/architectur related, but I think items with buildings on them are ok too! Love this “Red Door” messanger bag from

Here are a few images from the website:

ooh la la !

xoxo Linda

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  1. Maison Cote Est must be a great magazine, that’s all I can say from looking at this pictures! They are great! The design of the house is really unusual, but I wish my room was like that geen one on the picture!

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