Just Scandinavian

I just received a newsletter from The Color Association and they have a link to Ann Ljunberg’s website and store Just Scandinavian. Originally from Stockholm, Ann now runs her boutique on Hudson Street in New York City. She carries items from several well know Scandinavian designers such as Josef Frank and Birger Kaipiainen. There just seems to be such a light and whimsical sense of humor to all these pieces.

Josef Frank fabrics by the yard

Paratiisi dish by Birger Kaipiainen

Zebra Rug by Josef Frank. I generally don’t love zebra rugs as a rule, but this one is cute!

Josef Franks’ Knot Candlestick

xoxo Linda

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  1. Oh yes, I have been in this store, and it is my dream to have a huge sofa that they show, the one that’s like 5′ deep. I want to just curl up in it with all sorts of books, a laptop, and an afghan. This is definitely a goal. The store is great!

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