I’ve been tagged!

My blogging friend, TheHoInMo has tagged me, in honor of International Webloggers Day. So, I am to list five reasons I blog, and then tag five bloggers. Hmm… not always very good at tagging others, but, here are my five reasons to blog:

1) I like having a place where I can explore my own design interests, seperate from client work.
2) I use my blog as an electric filing cabinet to keep track of all the design sources and products that I see every day.
3) I use my blog to promote my design business and to market myself.
4) It’s a lot cheaper than publishing a book!
5) Becoming part of a vibrant community of intelligent bloggers across many fields and subject matters.

Well, several of my intended tagees have already been hit, so, my list will be small:

Stacey Shipman of Let It Flow Fitness. Stacey’s sunny disposition and accepting attitude towards the less than physically fit (me) is inspirational.
Peg McGuire, my friend and blogging partner on Master of Your Domain, who has been chronicling the highs and lows of Adopting Timothy.

If I think of anyone else, I’ll add them. Otherwise, happy blogging!

xoxo Linda

4 thoughts on “I’ve been tagged!”

  1. Ah, I found my tag after midnight. I wasn’t sure I could pass the tag on. You listed great reasons to blog, which is why your blog is so focused.

  2. Ms. Place, I was going to tag you, but then saw you’d already gotten tagged. It’s interesting reading the reason’s why people do it. NPR had a show on yesterday about blogging too.

  3. I think you’re doing a great job promoting your business and marketing yourself. Your business site and blog are just wonderful–very impressive. I wish you continued success. And I like your 5th reason for blogging; I, too, love to be part of a larger online community. You learn so much reading what others have to say.

    Great post!

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