BravoTV – A Swirling Mass of Information?

has announced several new initiatives to fully leverage (meaning exploit, exploit, exploit) the brands of their popular reality shows like Top Chef, Shear Genius, Project Runway and, yes, even Top Design, among others. Brace yourselves for “a swirling mass of information” for customers who “feel very comfortable living in a cyclone of a brand.” These initiatives include publishing, mobisodes (mobile users), dedicated websites, social networking and, in the future, themed cruises and cooking tours.

Bravo has also announced a partnership with talent agency Pangea Management Group, that will manage the careers of the contests who suddenly find themselves reality stars. One assumes this means all contestants must sign this deal in order to compete and that Pangea has a right of first refusal on managing each contestants career. I have to wonder what this will do to the quality of contestant in the future. The more mature and business savvy might be less willing to sign away the rights to their own career path.

So… what do we think? Are we ready for this “swirling mass of information”?

Swirling Mass of BravoTV
Yes, bring it on!
No! Overexposure will topple the empire! free polls

sources: Online Media Daily, MediaWeek

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2 thoughts on “BravoTV – A Swirling Mass of Information?”

  1. Sometimes it just a matter of too too much. I notice that Bravo is incorporating some of the elements on their website that the bloggers invented. (Like keeping score of who won which competition when.)

    Stupid to tick off your fan base and cut our ideas off at the pass.

  2. Bravo TV has a new show called Flipping Out which is about real estate investing. And I think it is very interesting. Does anyone know Tori and how I can find her?

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