Branding the Famous: The Antiques Roadshow Collection

A few years ago, WGBH television, producers of the popular PBS series Antiques Roadshow entered into a licensing agreement with Pulaski Furniture to create a line of reproductions and pieces “inspired by” some of the gems found on the show. Disclosure time: I was working in the WGBH division that struck this deal at that time, although I had nothing to do with it, and I have no current insider information. It’s interesting for me to revisit this line of furniture. It looks to me that they’ve narrowed their offerings down to a few signature pieces. I’m not sure they scream “Antiques Roadshow!”. I do like the bed, however.

Elsewhere, Dale Tiffany produces a line of Antiques Roadshow lighting.
Momeni Rugs offers their Antiques Collection of area rugs.

What do you think? Do these evoke the “treasure in the attic” feel of Antiques Roadshow? One thing I can say, is that a portion of the proceeds of the sales really do funnel back to help develop new public television programming.

xoxo Linda

1 thought on “Branding the Famous: The Antiques Roadshow Collection”

  1. It’s a fun idea but no, I’m not sure I see an “Antiques Roadshow” influence. But if they make money on it, that’s good.

    By the way, I have the Antiques Roadshow card game but I’ve never played it!

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