Meeting Claire Cook – Life’s A Beach!

Over the past year or so, I’ve developed a little e-mail friendship with Claire Cook, author of “Must Love Dogs”, “Multiple Choice” and “Ready to Fall”. She lives only two towns over from me and began her writing career only seven or eight short years ago while sitting in her car at my town pool, waiting for her daughter. Two books later, she was walking the red carpet with Diane Lane and John Cusak, not to mention Captain von Trapp himself, Christopher Plummer. Her latest release, “Life’s A Beach” has just come out, and as in “Must Love Dogs”, it’s set in the fictional town of Marshbury. (which is a combo of neighboring town Marshfield, and my town Duxbury).

Claire was here in Duxbury tonight doing a book reading and I finally got to meet her! Her talk was funny, down to earth and filled with inspiration about how important doing what we love is and not to let life pass by without reaching for our dreams (even while we’re sitting in a parking lot out behind a pool!).

So, I was really happy to finally meet her and while I forgot my camera, I do have her signed book, which is really better! So, after a long, hot and humid day, I’ve cranked up the a/c and am just about to climb into bed with my new book. Check out her website and where her book tour will take her. I highly recommend stopping by to say hello! Tell her I sent you!

xoxo Linda

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