Branding the Famous: Jane Seymour Collection

Dr. Quinn herself has been in the home design field for several years. I’m thinking home design is much like children’s books – everyone thinks they can do it. A friend of mine, an award winning and best selling children’s author, who’s been writing and illustrating children’s books for 20 years, is always bemused when celebrities start pumping out kids books and getting lots of press attention for it. Does being a celebrity (Madonna, Jamie Lee Curtis, Sarah Ferguson, to name three) and having kids qualify one as a writer? Or does having a beautiful home thanks to those celebrity level royalties qualify one as a designer? It’s part of the reason for this series of posts. When we have a celebrity branded line, is it good design and worth the price? Or are we just buying the name and paying for advertising? Let’s take a look at what Jane Seymour is offering these days.

Comforter ensembles from the Jane Seymour Home Collection

Quinn Lamp from the Jane Seymour Home Collection

Embroidered art pillow based on an original painting by Jane Seymour (see photo above)

Coming later this summer from Vintage Verandah is a collection of lighting and accessories based on Jane’s different homes – from England to California.

One thing celebrities can do is to use their name and public persona to bring awareness and dollars to good causes. The Jane Seymour Collection partnered with Child Help, which fights to prevent and treat child abuse, and sponsored a national art competition for kids between 7-14 to create the design for this pillow. This winning design “Colors of Hope” goes on sale on July 1st and 100% of SALES (vs. profits or proceeds, goes to benefit the work of Child Help). For more information, click here.
So, yay for Ms. Seymour for lending her name and business to a cause like Child Help. But really, these designs are pretty pedestrian. What do you think?

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4 thoughts on “Branding the Famous: Jane Seymour Collection”

  1. I honestly think this has more name appeal than anything. Women who like Jane Seymour and like her taste will buy her things. But would I consider her a designer? No. She is basically just offering people a way to decorate their homes like hers. Some of her stuff would appeal to me, but I don’t really see anything all that innovative about her products.

  2. Erm. No thanks. Even the charity pillow is less than sterling.

    I’d rather pay my money outright to some charity, and let Jane redecorate her homes and castles any way she pleases.

  3. Honestly, some of her things really don't appeal to me, but I like the idea that she is willing to help others with her designs. Yes, you could just donate money to a charity, but the pillow (Which was designed by a child) gives you something in return for your charity.

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