Travel Tuesday – Philadelphia

In honor of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, we visit Philadelphia. In the summer of 1776, it was hot, there were outhouses and there was no air conditioning. My guess is that Adams, Franklin, Jefferson and the rest of the boys would have enjoyed an indoor privy and a cool hotel room.

And here is a pretty cool hotel room. A city tourism push called Uwishunu (You wish you knew) has spawned its own hotel room – Room 414 in the Westin Hotel Philadelphia was designed by some of the cities premier designers and artists.

Happy Fourth of July everyone!

xoxo Linda

3 thoughts on “Travel Tuesday – Philadelphia”

  1. I saw the Boston fireworks on TV, though I did walk around Philly (“the Nation’s Birthplace”) in the rain, which was pretty fun!

    Thanks for the shout out to the uwishunu hotel room… it’s pretty cool. I daresay Ben Franklin would have liked it. In fact… he probably would have had a hand in creating it!

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