Close on the heels of my recent post on the ubiquity of coral in design schemes, I am back taking a look at another recent well used (over used?) decorative accessory – the bust. Be it Grecian, Roman, African or Asian, the bust lends an immediate air of timelessness to a space. But, is it real timelessness or only applied? Don’t get me wrong, all of the rooms below are stunningly beautiful, but, I’m getting a little tired of this trend. We could also include the Buddha head and antlers as similar recent trends.

As seen in Domino Magazine

(photo by Linda Merrill for ::Surroundings::)
Mollie Johnson, Mollie Johnston Interiors. Boston Design Center Dream Home

(photo by Linda Merrill for ::Surroundings::)
Michael Carter, Carter & Co., for Boston Design Center Dream Home

Currently seen in Traditional Home

What do you think? Love, leave it?

xoxo Linda