A little fantasy shopping at 1st Dibs

I thought I’d do a little redecorating – in my dream living room, courtesy of 1st Dibs 


The content of this post was old and outdated, so has been removed. Meanwhile, I highly recommend poking around 1st Dibs a bit, so much beauty there! Or, here’s a little round up some of my past posts on antiques.

xoxo Linda

6 thoughts on “A little fantasy shopping at 1st Dibs”

  1. hi, i also dream of having high ceilings. My univ will be turning 400 years old soon and what i love the most about its structure was it’s old school high ceiling which is very classy

  2. Linda, my Wednesday mornings always include a bit of fantasy shopping from 1stdibs! It was an odd coincidence to see that I had also picked out the white Dunston chairs (stunning!), the bronze cocktail table and the sunburst mirror!! My house decor is inspired by 30’s and 40’s design — I just wish I could afford the prices on 1stdibs.

  3. Greg – fantasies are free, even on 1st Dibs! I love the Dunston chairs – they look so comfy! I also like the 30’s-40’s glamour, mixed in with older pieces. When people ask what my style is, I generally reply eclectic, but I don’t that’s descriptive enough. I think it needs to be more like mixed-epoch? Mixed-era? Something to ponder.

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