Shapes that caught my eye

A couple of months ago, Liz Kinmark won the Design Within Reach Industrial design competition for her Egg Pants. Well, I was tickled with this cuter than cute design. I was happy to score a pair from her Etsy shop.

Award winning Egg Pants from Liz Kinmark. Available for sale at her Etsy shop. Mine are proudly displayed in my kitchen window, complete with box. And they work beautifully too!

Then, a couple of weeks ago I was doing a post on the Slot Sofa designed by Vincent Reardon which was built by Heller Furniture, who I’m doing work for. On their website, they showed a design for the Tripot Teapot, which reminded me of the egg pants design, again so cute!

Tripot Teapot from Vincent Reardon.

And finally, today, I was reading the Home Rejuvination Blog and came across this Bench by Squeeze Design in Singapore.
Fiberglass bench from Squeeze. As seen on the Home Rejuvination Blog.

Well, third time is the charm. Great minds thinking alike? A worldwide trend? I’d love the designers to let us know their thoughts and design inspirations.

xoxo Linda