Travel Tuesday – Chateau Mcely – Czech Republic

Located north of Prague, the Chateau Mcely is a palace in the woods.

“From its ancient Celtic roots the deep forests and hills of Northern Bohemia has always been a place of mystery and enchantment. Throughout history it has always been a deeply spiritual region, giving raise to a number of legends, and often called ‘the birthplace of saints’. St Wenceslas (Vaclav in Czech) is associated with the region, and of course in more modern times the most famous figure from just ‘down the road’ from Mcely was the composer Bedřich Smetana. Stories of fairies, witches, and the usual brew abound. However the top legend of Mcely concerns the Virgin Mary.”

Also included on their website are the most beautiful illustrations of the interiors and exterior spaces. “Storyboarding a castle…”

Normally I profile two or three hotels in a given location, but this hotel is so amazing, it stands alone!

xoxo Linda

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