Media Talk: DesignTalk Interview

The lovely folks at DesignTalk were kind enough to ask me to sit down for an in depth interview. Thanks to Kara for asking such interesting questions that made me think!

xoxo Linda Would you like my Favorite Tips for a Well-Decorated Home? Click here!

1 thought on “Media Talk: DesignTalk Interview”

  1. Thanks for sharing, Linda. I enjoy these glimpses of your work, house, and thought processes.

    My house is not so put together as yours, but my friends feel that it reflects the essential “me”. Interestingly, I just repainted my livingroom walls a vibrant terracotta/raspberry color. Someone called it pink, but there’s too much brown in the tint, so I’ll stick with terracotta. However, I love the change, which I can live with for a long time.

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