Who was that sailor, Mr. Eisenstaedt?

80 year old Glenn McDuffie of Houston has been trying to prove he’s the man in this iconic Alfred Eisenstaedt photograph, taken on VJ Day 1945, for a while, 60+ years, to be exact. He’s finally got the proof he feels he needs, courtesy of Houston Police Department Forensic artist Lois Gibson. Click here to read the rest of the story.

AP Photo by Pat Sullivan

Many have come forward over the years claiming to be the nurse and the sailor. Mr. Eisenstaedt, who passed away in 1995 didn’t identify his subjects and the definitive truth went with him.

So, the question on deck is – is it more romantic to know who the actual people are, or is the romance in the “everyone and anyone” mystery? Should that exuberant young man and surprised young woman be content to serve as stand-ins for the mood of all American men and women on that day?

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5 thoughts on “Who was that sailor, Mr. Eisenstaedt?”

  1. Yes, he’s been trying to prove his case for a while now. I love the WWII photo. It embodies everything that was good and exciting about V-Day. It’s such an iconic picture that we really don’t need to know the back story. This guy will live on forever in WWII history, same as the photo of the raising of the flag at Iwo Jima or the bombing of Pearl Harbor. This pixture just IS…

  2. I agree with Ms.Place. Some things are just as iconic, or more iconic, with no back story.

    This is an example of a “fill in your own story” kind of image.

  3. For the last 25 years I Believe the photo is of my dad. He would have been 35 years old at the time of the photo. I know he was in new York at the time. All the photos of his time in the navy and and lots of other photos of him are an exact match to this image of him.
    Even the skin color and style of his stance. My dad died in 1969 so I can’t prove anything from a living person.I would be willing to except any challenge to prove other wise. The first time I saw this photo I knew it was him. His name is Donald E. Speyer.

  4. It should also be noted my mother was a nurse although I can’t tell at all except she had red hair. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to say something. Ed

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