A sofa is not just a sofa

Ever wonder why some furniture is so expensive and what goes into a custom-made piece? This pretty sofa above was made by Heller Furniture in Norwell, MA to the exact specifications of the designer and her client. A handmade piece of furniture such as this takes many stages to complete: starting with a schematic drawing provided by the designer, a site visit by the furniture maker to create the template, a workroom visit by the designer and client during the building process for approvals on seat height and depth, comfort level and to make any last minute changes. The piece is then covered in the fabric of choice – making sure that the pattern is laid out and matched well – and delivered.

As you can see – the fabric is the last element – and takes the least amount of time. As buyers – we often start with the fabric – thinking about looks and durability. But in truth, what goes on underneath and out of site is the most important aspect of the piece.

If you want to see how this piece was made, click here.

This piece was also just featured in today’s Patriot Ledger newspaper. Click here to see the article.

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