Meet the Desiger: Eva Zeisel

Well, was just checking out one of my daily reads, Sheteriffic, and Allison R. has just posted an Ode to Eva Zeisel. I may be the only sadly uninformed person who was unfamiliar with her name, so thanks Allison for cluing me in to this amaaaazing 20th century designer – and at 100 she’s been there through it all!

First, Shelteriffic showed this unbelievably beautiful coffee table now available at DWR. They show it in a contemporary setting, but it would look just as perfect in a more traditional one as well… specifically my living room… 🙂 swoon… Oh, and by the way, she didn’t start designing furniture until she was in her 90’s. Now, there’s an inspiration!

Here are a few images from a nice NPR piece. In the piece, they discuss that in the era of straight lines and hard surfaces, Eva designed curves. She said “I design curves because I’m curvy – meaning I’m a little bit fat”. Could this woman be more fabulous!

Classic Century Tableware line

“Eva” cyrstal centerpiece for KleinReid

Crate and Barrel
has a reproduction line of Eva’s work, including these lovely pieces:

For more information, visit the Eva Zeisel Forum.

xoxo Linda

6 thoughts on “Meet the Desiger: Eva Zeisel”

  1. Gorgeous pieces! And truly timeless. They’re mid-century modern but, as you say, could fit in well with a more eclectic room. Eva’s work has clearly influenced MANY designers…

  2. You’re not alone! I am ashamed to say I had not heard of her work either. So sad for me, it’s all so fantastic! Thanks for making me aware of such an important talent.

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