More Mini-me

There’s just something about mini versions of things. The other night I was at an event that had a raw bar, and they had a bowl full of teeny bottles of Tabasco sauce – 1.5″ tops. I don’t like Tabasco, at all. But, I so wanted one!

Anyway, in that spirit, the Museum of Arts and Design in New York has on exhibit The Beylerian Collection of Small Chairs , now through October 28th.


xoxo Linda

1 thought on “More Mini-me”

  1. I LOVE these! They remind me of the mini furniture samples that you can find sometimes…perfect replicas. If I wasn’t the designated duster in the house, I would have started a collection long ago.

    PS We have one of those teeny tiny tabasco bottles, too. It sits on the shelf in the pantry. Every time we even consider tossing it one of us will remark on how cute it is and so it stays.

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