The Hobbyist: Découpage (I can do that?)

I’ve been fascinated with all things decoupage recently. A couple of months ago, I did a post on the work of Melinda Marye-Kelley, a decoupage artist out of Texas (and Block Island in the summer). And just last week, I visited the John Derian booth at the New York Gift Fair. I just love, love the work of both companies.

So, in my usual manner of thinking “I can do that”, I was inspired to try my hand at decoupage. So, I perused some books on the subject, went to the craft store and picked up some white Elmer’s Glue, varnish and some pretty paper and spent the weekend cutting and gluing. I figured I’d start with things around my house rather than really stocking up on items to decoupage as the nooks and crannies of my home are filled with the pieces and parts of many art hobbies.

This first is a metal waste paper basket that I use in my dining room/project station. It started life as a hammered silver object and is now covered in paper, paint and three coats of varnish (10 or so to go!).
I spent a couple hours just cutting out the green pieces.

This little vase is actually going to be a gift for a friend. It’s covered with tissue paper and cutout tissue butterflies. The rim is painted with gold acrylic paint. It needs 10 or more coats of varnish. So, the work continues.

This last little plate is a work in progress. I’ve since added gold painted dots around the rim. I plan to make a series of these and hang on my wall.
Well, clearly the folks at John Derian and Marye-Kelley have nothing to worry about! But, it’s fun and who knows where it will lead?

But, am thinking that I have two bins worth of beautiful quilting fabrics and supplies that I should try to sell in order to finance my new hobby…

What about your art projects and hobbies?

xoxo Linda

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  1. You go, girl, on the decoupage! I’m too impatient for projects like that (10 MORE layers of varnish?!)

    I never knew how much I wanted to be asked about my art projects and hobbies until you popped the question! My materials of choice are found or used objects — street signs, credit cards — it kind of runs the gamut. Duct tape also gets used a lot around here, whether to shoe a lame donkey or as the fabric for a messenger bag. I’m fortunate to have family members who enjoy getting homemade gifts (nothing like a built-in “client” base). But I have no pretensions that I’m an artist…I just like making stuff.

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