So, what’s in your closet? Perhaps a great dress with the tags still on? Or those really cute – but slightly too small – shoes that you know after one wearing you’ll never wear them again? No time to take them to consignment? Massachusetts native, and now LA-based Nicole Addario di Modica has created My Girl Friends – the perfect spot for the busy woman to both buy and sell new and gently used clothing. Whether designer or more every day, create your own “boutique” and find a new home for your unwanted clothing.

I went to a demo party tonight and Nichole has really thought of everything. Buyers create their own closet, where sizes, styles ad other personal wants are logged in. If you’re looking for that perfect size 11 shoe – enter the information and you’ll receive notification when size elevens are listed.

Eventually Nicole plans to release the Guys Closet, Boys closet and girls closet and more.

And, they have partnered with Dress For Success – a fabulous organization that provides professional clothing to women who are working their way out of tough situations on their life.

Not my usual interiors related post, but us internet gals gotta stick together!

xoxo Linda

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  1. what a great idea its like a mix between ebay and a clothes swap. I think this will become a very popular service, one that I am definitely going to start using

  2. As a person who purges here closet regularly – and always finds a bevy of unused items – I applaud the use of this service. I have donated to Goodwill year after year, but often get the sense that my items are not going to good use at the locations I designate.

    I’d love to make the process more proactive and trade it in to women who will absolutely find the items and put them to good professional use.

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