Meet the Artist: Brian Lies

Scan from The Boston Globe. Illustration courtesy of Brian Lies.

So, I’m reading The Boston Sunday Globe today and next to an article called “Colorful Critters and Characters Inhabit the Heart of Dixie” there is a cute illustration of a bunny that looks mighty familiar. I read the fine print and sure enough, it belongs to my friend Brian Lies, award winning author and illustrator of many children’s books. Brian’s art has a very distinct style – once you know his work, you can spot it a mile away. His stock in trade are animals – very lifelike and realistic animals – not animals as people, but animals in “people” situations. His studio is filled with National Geographics and other nature reference materials. An avid gardener, Brian illustrates flora equally as well as fauna. He also illustrates architecture and furnishings in an accurate, yet totally unique way.

Brian, his lovely wife Laurel, (and my best friend who is picking me up in less than an hour to go see the movie “Becoming Jane”) and their daughter (aka my Goddaughter) have just come off a summer book tour up and down the East Coast for his book “Bats at the Beach”, which came out a year ago and is still going strong. He is currently working on the follow up to “Bats” and other exciting projects!

Anyway, just a little reading tip for you and the young child in your life. Happy Reading!

xoxo Linda

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  1. my sister gave me a copy of Bats at the Beach last year for christmas!! I study children’s lit, and I have a small but steadily growing collection of really great contemporary picture books…..Bats at the Beach is a fantastic book with gorgeous illustrations.

    supercool to find out that you’re friends with a children’s book illustrator!

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