Sights of the WC

I noticed that Blogger had added a movie setting and I realized that I can create slide shows from my iPhoto to upload! So, this is a bit of an experiment. This is my small lav – which is imposssible to photograph – not least because I put mirrors on the opposing walls so it’s hard to take photos without capturing myself! The room is 3’x6′ and it’s sort of my kitschy homage to Paris. I usually advise clients that if they have a particular obsession (as I do with France), try to keep it to a dull roar, or to a small room. Hence, my French WC.

I just finished the plate on the high shelf – still decoupaging! I also had created the mirror/shelf unit a few years ago from two seperate pieces, which I painted red, then black for an aged effect and married together. The Frog Prince by the sink is new to my collection – a gift from a friend. One thing about having an obsession – friends will add to it via gifts. Another reason to keep the space for it small!

xoxo Linda

2 thoughts on “Sights of the WC”

  1. so designers’ homes ARE truly as fabulous as their work! i love your Frog prince, and somehow he fits in that space perfectly!

    I also have an obsession with France – specifically, with Paris – and I’ve decided to put the obsession in the diningroom and try to leave it at that. I love that alphabet chart, though, with the French text below – what a neat find that is: where did you get it?


  2. Thanks, CB. It’s a work in progress. I have ceiling tiles to put up to cover the heinous popcorn. I plan on painting them black.

    Re: the print, it’s a print of a French alphabet book. I got it in a local accessories store.

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