Get That Look! Sneak Peak: The Women

The upcoming movie “The Women” is currently filming in Boston. This remake of the 1939 classic will star Eva Mendes and Meg Ryan reprising the Joan Crawford and Norma Shearer roles, respectively.

I don’t know anything about the new production or its set decoration, EXCEPT, that this lovely upholstered headboard was custom made by Heller Furniture for the movie.

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xoxo Linda

2 thoughts on “Get That Look! Sneak Peak: The Women”

  1. Oh Honey–run out and rent the 1939 movie RIGHT NOW! You won’t be disappointed. The acting is stellar, the costumes to die for and the interiors–sigh.

  2. Oh I know, the 1939 is a fabulous movie – for all the reasons you say, Anon. Hard to imagine this new one will come even close, but I’m hoping that the set design will be worth the price of admission, in any event!

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