Tuf(ting) it out

It feels like everywhere I look, I’m seeing a lot of tufted furniture – from the traditional sofas, to upholstered headboards (another big current trend) to Brocade Home products to bathroom stall doors. It’s such a traditional look and can span the gamut from opulent and sexy to tailored and (literally) buttoned up. Maybe that’s why we like it – a little something for all tastes. Here are a few I’ve seen recently.

Stephon Collection at Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

Chester Collection at Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

Salon lounge chair by Baker Furniture, as seen at Traditional Home
Veranda Magazine cover – October 2007

House Beautiful Cover – October 2007

Custom made pillow by me!
Button tufted chaise settee at Target

Petrie Sofa at Crate & Barrel

Tufted ottoman at Brocade Home

WC in the restaurant Provence in SoHo, image courtesy of Blueprint
(and seen all over the design blogosphere!)

Custom made kitchen banquette at Heller Furniture
Dream Sleigh Bed at Charles P Rogers

Is tufting for you?

xoxo Linda

5 thoughts on “Tuf(ting) it out”

  1. Mmm. I’m not a fan of tufted furniture. Too much debris gets caught in those little indents, and after a while the furniture simply looks dirty. But your examples are splendid, and I am sure those pieces of furniture will find a home somewhere. Just not in my house.

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