Media Talk – Decorating Girls are Savvy Girls

How do I know? Because I was mentioned in the new book The Savvy Gal’s Guide to Online Networking (Or What Would Jane Austen Do?) written by Diane K. Danielson and Lindsey Pollak.

In the section on “Blogging as a Marketing Tool” on page 93 they write:

Linda Merrill, owner of Chameleon Interiors, an interior design firm, runs a blog called ::Surroundings::, which focuses on design. She began including reviews of the BravoTV design show, Top Design, and attracted a following that even included on of the show’s judges, Margaret Russell, editor-in-chief of Elle Decor. Russell subsequently mentioned Linda’s blog in her magazine. Now, that’s one way to raise your online image!

I may be an online writer, but it’s always cool to see my name in print! Check out The Savvy Gal Blog for ongoing updates by the ficticious Wendy Darcy, a modern day single professional woman who channels Jane Austen and reminds us we all have a little Jane inside us!

xoxo Linda

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