Sneak Peek: Living Room Project

I’m very excited. For the last year, I’ve been working on a very fun project in Boston – a late 1800’s Victorian town house. The photo below is the living room as it was on Day 1. The building had been apartments for a long time before being condo-ized by a developer. Layers of paint couldn’t diminish the inherent beauty of the architecture. With original parquet floors and genuine plaster crown molding and medallion – this room was aching for a more sophisticated treatment.

Layers of white paint were painstakingly removed to reveal amazing walnut trim – which was stained to bring out the beauty of the grain.

Over the last several months, furnishings and window treatments have been designed, ordered and delivered. I’ve been busy making pillows which add a nice punch of color and comfort.

We installed the beautiful sheer linen London shades yesterday – which really topped off the space.

I’ll have better photographs to come, when the room is completely finished. We need some more accessories and the small things that really bring life to the space!

xoxo Linda

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