Meet the Artist: Jonathan Rummel, Metalsmith

Jonathan Rummel of Hand Forged Works is a contemporary craftsman living and working in the Boston area. His work has been a lifelong passion which has taken him from the mountains of Colorado and back. He has studied under the tutelage of master craftsmen in the areas of woodworking, blacksmithing and sustainable building. He has been involved with the building arts for 13 years. Jonathan has been creating one-of-a-kind, investment quality furniture, sculpture and architectural components through Hand Forged Works since early 2003.

Reception desk made from forged steel and reclaimed oak.

Napkin rings: “The Embrace”

Memorial Candle Stand. Forged and fabricated.Annealed tooled steel from historic mill in
Lawrence, MA


These are so beautiful and unique and I love that each has a story to tell. Check out the website for more information!

xoxo Linda

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