Meet The Artist: Laura Lienhard, Textiles

Laura Lienhard Textiles is a design studio located in Burlington, Vermont offering a diverse range of woven and printed fabrics for interiors. Laura studied textile design at the Rhode Island School of Design and pursued a career as a fine artist, concentrating on tapestry weaving prior to the founding of her company in 1998.

The color palette of Laura’s fabrics is so soft and natural looking! Modern in feel, they would work in any interior setting – from traditional to contemporary. Click here to view thumbnails of her entire collection. Below are some of my favorites!

xoxo Linda

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  1. I’m glad I don’t do what you do. So many beautiful fabrics, so many choices! I need, like, ten houses to express myself all the ways I want to! I don’t know how you guide one to make a selection! Nice finds! Just another mention, too, to say your blog is really really great.

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