Better than Belgian Chocolate

Okay… so, in my line of work, I see a lot of homes, decorations, furnishings, products, etc. And I love it all. But every once in a while, my breath is literally taken away. Napoleons apartment as recreated in the Louvre and Versailles come to mind.

In October’s House Beautiful, they showcase a Kay Douglass project that has been inspired by her trips to France and Belgium. Let me just say it… sigh… I want literally everything in these rooms. The floors, the ceilings, the color palette…

What I think is so amazing, and appealing, is the attainable nature of these rooms. Nothing is too precious and everything feels comfortable and lived in. This is my idea of perfection. (forgive me as I gush).

Images courtesy of House Beautiful
Interior design by Kay Douglass
Stylist Todd Moore
Photography by Simon Upton

A little research brought me to this photo spread on showcasing Kay Douglass’ own home. Pretty gush-worthy as well.

Images courtesy of Traditional Home
Photography by William Waldron

I used to date a Begian guy and had my share of Belgian chocolates. Let’s just say it: Belgium = yummy!

xoxo Linda

3 thoughts on “Better than Belgian Chocolate”

  1. hey! i just read that issue of HB this morning! I was a little baffled by “Belgian” design, mainly because I never think of Belgian design beyond some nouveau stuff, but these were pretty lovely rooms.

    i LOVED the ceilings – chippy cedar or whatever it was (can’t remember). These spaces are totally not my style – and the livingroom somehow seems a little claustrophobic to me, but I love the palette and mix of materials. These are dreamy rooms – they look vaguely surreal, like rooms in a dream sequence of a movie.

  2. I have a question for you, after viewing the designer’s own home: do all designers have these meticulously gorgeous, clutter-free homes? Or do they just cram all the odds and ends into closets and drawers before the photo shoots? I am a total packrat and have stuff everywhere – even when it’s neat-as-a-pin, my house never looks as CLEAN as designer houses.

    so: do you actually rumple up your own home? or is part of the designer temperament maintaining a dream home?

  3. Or do they just cram all the odds and ends into closets and drawers before the photo shoots?

    Yes. Well, most anyway. Think about it. If your home is going to be photographed for public consumption – especially in a glossy mag spread – wouldn’t you clean and hide everything that didn’t look perfect? I was being interviewed a couple of years ago for a story on people who work at home. They asked if they could some photograph my home office. Eight trash bags later, my office was completely sterilized. Nothing on the desk but laptop and rolodex. Nothing on my drafting table but artfully displayed paint chip palette and old design school sketches. It was staged. In the end, they really only photographed me. But, I got a nice clean office out of it. However, if I was invaded by photographers right now, you’d see stacks of magazines, party and event invitations, bills… blah, blah… not very pretty.

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