Top Designs’ Matt Lorenz debuts at Chicago’s Merchandise Mart Dream Home

Chicago’s Merchandise Mart has unveiled its Dreamhome for 2007. Built inside the Merchandise Mart, each room (basically, a white box) is assigned to a different Chicago designer. I wrote about the Boston Design Centers’ Dream Home a couple of months ago here.

Top Design winner Matt Lorenz is one of the designers in this years showcase. He designed a black and white bedroom. Here is his designers statement:

“The clock strikes midnight and you find yourself in the room where dreams are made. Luxury, intimacy, and fantasy is given to you the dreamer in every way. As you step, the supple feel of leather is under foot. You are immediately enveloped by a palette of grayed out shades of eggplant and noir. Sensuously draped walls and an imposing bed with pristine white linens beckon for a wonderful rest. But, before you “settle in” visual drama and surprise is given to the dream space by the use of the glazed white tile. A backdrop and foil for the headboard and the outlining of the windows and entrances, also, gives a brightness and balance to the room. The sitting area between the french doors leading out to a dreamed terrace high above the city offers a perfect perch to wake up with a morning cup of coffee. Art and antiquities specifically placed around the perimeter is essential for reflection, and beauty. The guardian of the dreams in this bedroom is the large ancient Chinese Foo Dog sculpture, circa 1700. When you wake up from this ‘dream room’ the wish I have as the designer- is that you are calmed by the meditative quality, drawn to the stylized detailing and cannot wait to return to enjoy the room again!”

The Bedroom – Matt Lorenz, designer

Other rooms:

The Media Room – Gary Lee, designer
The Kitchen – Jessica LaGrange, designer

The Dining Room – Martial, designer

The Home Office – Doug Levine, designer
The Bath – Thomas Riker & James Dolenc, designers

The Living Room – Doug Nickless, designer

The Entrance – Tracy Hickman, designer

The Porch – Sherry Koppel, designer

There is a nice cohesiveness between all the rooms – they do feel like they could be part of a single home. That said, though, they all seem so dark and heavy. I wish I could see these in person, but, I wonder if one feels just a little down at the end of the tour?

The Chicago Merchandise Mart Dream Home is open to the public through December 21st. A $5 contribution at the door will go to the Univ. of Chicago’s Cancer Research Foundation Women’s Board.

All images courtesy of Chicago Merchandise Mart.

xoxo Linda

6 thoughts on “Top Designs’ Matt Lorenz debuts at Chicago’s Merchandise Mart Dream Home”

  1. oooh, these rooms are DARK. i’m all for gloomy and gothic but these just seem – poorly lit? and kind of dismal. Matt’s bedroom feels a little spooky, and not in a good way. More like: the inside of a coffin way. And I don’t get the kitchen at all….

    ah well. my taste is not terribly high-end (not for contemporary/modern design, anyway) so what do i know about it, anyway?

    it’s nice to see Matt doing something public, though!

  2. ps. the dining room looks like the insider of a settler’s shanty/cabin from the Westward Expansion. actually, it looks like a museum model of a settler’s cabin.

    very weird.

  3. I suppose it is apropos that this project debut in October – Spooky month! It is dark and a bit depressing. I do like the use of panel track draperies as doors in one of the rooms. Perhaps it is made more gloomy by the lighting and lack of windows.

  4. The designer names and the room sketches are incorrect. The sketches are from the 2008 showhouse and the designer names are from the 2007 showhouse.

  5. Hi Anon,

    Thanks for pointing it out. These links are live linked to the Merch Mart site and they must have replaced the 2007 images with 2008 images, but called them all the same name and somehow didn’t disrupt the links. Weird. Anyway, will up the post.


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