Robert Allen launches Vintage Nostalgia Collection

The extravagant fabrics and passementerie of the Art Deco period have been reinterpreted in an updated spirit by Robert Allen. Inspired by the adventures of a well-traveled woman of style, the Vintage Nostalgia collection provides designers with fabrics imbued with the drama and opulence of an era that continues to inspire stylish interiors today.

Some that caught my eye:

I am loving this new collection and can’t wait to have the right interior in which to incorporate some of these fabrics and trims!

xoxo Linda

3 thoughts on “Robert Allen launches Vintage Nostalgia Collection”

  1. i love vintage! i love nostalgia! these fabrics are dreamy….i am passionately in love with art nouveau designs (and lots that aren’t strictly nouveau but are from about 1900-1930).

    if i had a million dollars, i’d have a nouveau home.

    you could use these textiles in MY house. that is, if you’re thinking of taking up long distance pro-bono charity decorating 😉

    i love that the filigree-pattern is EVERYWHERE now. makes me happy to see it.

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