National Furniture Bank Association

This is a great idea. The National Furniture Bank Association is a national organization that collects and re-distributes used furniture – from private homes to designer showrooms – to families in need.

So, the next time you’re looking to re-decorate and wonder what to do with your current furniture – which is still in good condition – this is the place to go.

xoxo Linda

1 thought on “National Furniture Bank Association”

  1. Oh, I wish my furniture were in good enough shape. I have a funny story. Years ago I tried to give away our sofa. We had purchased it during our first year of marriage, and were giving it away in year 15. It was a sleeper sofa, and until the day I tried to donate it, we had proudly used it. No one would take it. What an eye opener that was!

    Still, this service is a great idea.

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