Travel Tuesday: I’ve been bursting to share this!

I’m going to Maison & Objet in January! The mother-ship of furniture fairs worldwide – Maison & Objet showcases la creme-de-la-creme of everything interiors.

And I’m going!!!! And, even better – I’m going courtesy of the nice people at Maison & Objet! I’m still waiting for all the details, so I’ve been keeping this under wraps. But today, I was told that they will be putting me up in the 4-star luxury hotel – Scribe! Right near the Opera Garnier and Place Vendome area of the city. I’ve schlepped by it before on my way back from the Louvre to whatever 2-3 star hotel I was staying in at the end of some long metro line. But this time – it’s first class baby!

The Hotel Scribe was recently renovated and redecorated by the famous Jacques Grange. According to the Sofitel press kit “A few steps from the Opera Garnier in the heart of Paris, close to the luxury boutiques of the Place Vendome, the Hotel Scribe cultivates a tradition of refinement and elegance, a legacy of the splendor of the Second Empire and the grand era of the Jockey-Club that presided over its founding. Mythic for its prestigious history, envied for its location in the heart of Paris, the Scribe incarnates the new Parisian chic. Echoes of the past mix with the contemporary atmosphere to create a hotel with a unique and timeless charm. The interior decorating created by Jacques Grange is rooted in the history of the Scribe. Along the hallways, images tell the story of the hotel’s great moments and the famous people who have stayed there: from Marcel Proust to Ernest Hemingway and Lee Miller; from Josephine Baker to the Lumiere brothers, who held the world’s first public cinema projection there in 1895. This cultural touch is highly original, a first in hotel interior design. The Scribe
cultivates its past not through pastiche in its decoration, but much more subtly through poetic evocation. In this way, each of the hotel’s six floors is decorated according to a different theme: Jules Verne, Louis & Auguste Lumiere, Serge Diaghilev, Marcel Proust, Josephine Baker, and the Jockey-Club.”

I’ll have more about my trip in the coming weeks. Once I get all the details such as travel dates, etc. Am looking to snag some great interviews and share with you all the newest trends and products debuting at the show. And, I’ll be blogging it all live!

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4 thoughts on “Travel Tuesday: I’ve been bursting to share this!”


    a trip to PARIS PARIS PARIS!

    paris is: oh swoon. be still my heart! Paris is the biggest crush of my life. and at the rate i’m going (poor grad student for life!) i will never get back there.

    AND you’re staying in a gorgeous hotel AND you’re going to a posh fancy fair/exposition!

    i am every shade of green with envy right now.

    i do hope you’ll take some pictures of beautiful darling wonderful Paris and share them with those of us in less glam locales (like, for example, pittsburgh).


  2. Se magnifique!! That is fantastic. You’re going to be a total sponge, I’m sure. Seeing one wonderful thing after another. Lucky you!

    Oh, please, please, if you see any wonderful kitchens, snap me a few!

    Can’t wait…need anyone to carry your luggage?

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