Catching the wave: Wallpaper in the kitchen

I love how the addition of whimsical wallpaper into a contemporary kitchen really warms up what could become a cold feeling space. There is defintely a new wave of wallpapers and decals that are great for use in the kitchen – without feeling old and stodgy. Since kitchens often only have one wall that has any kind of open space, it can be a great opportunity to experiment with bolder and larger patterns to create a focal wall that balances the heaviness caused by appliances and cabinetry.

Here are some fabulous spaces:

The following images are courtesy of The Kitchen Designer.

Chickfreaksali’s photostream on Flickr

April P Schwab’s Photostream

Anna at Absolutely Beautiful Things blogged about wallpaper in kitchens last winter.

Am thinking that my teeny kitchen might find some new life – and scale – by going bold and beautiful!

Don’t forget to check out blogging friend Susan Serra’s blog The Kitchen Designer for all her wonderful wisdom, images and information!

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