Bacheolors Getting it right in Boston

I just posted this on my long-neglected blog Master of Your Domain, but thought the images are so wonderful they deserve to be seen here too!

The Boston Globe recently ran an article profiling several local bachelor pads – from the luxuriousness of the Ritz Carlton Towers to a tiny 350 sq. ft. city condo – these spaces are not only beautiful, but are visual expressions of their owners personalities and interests. They represent what I consider the ultimate goal in decorating – a beautiful space that is also highly personal. Lucky is the lady who gets taken home to these digs for dinner!

Plum Island get-away. I used to live in Newburyport, MA (Plum Island is part of Newburyport) and the setting for this house is stunning! (Photos by Peter Vanderwalker)

An auto dealer’s apartment in the Ritz Carlton Towers (photos by Eric Roth)

350 Sq. Ft. Condo (Photos by David L. Ryan)

Leather district loft (photos by Eric Roth)

Click here for more information and photos. Scroll down to the Real Estate section.

All photos courtesy of The Boston Globe.

xoxo Linda

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