Meet the Artist: Lorie Reilly, Mosaica Botanica

I attended the Duxbury Art Association Annual Craft show this past weekend and was totally blown away by the artistry of Lorie Reilly of Moasica Botanica. Lorie paints with glass; bringing life and movement using nothing but colored glass and grout, and her imagination.

After a career in publishing, Lorie decided that it was time to allow her creative soul to shine through. In three short years, she most certainly has! A day class in mosaics sparked her creative juices, which she followed up with a stint in Ravenna, Italy where she studied mosaic history and technique.

Lorie shared with me her process as she develops each new project. Many of her projects are commissions for homeowners and designers and she works closely with her clients to develop the project. The process involves an initial consultation where she determines colors, themes and designs the the client is looking for. They discuss size, technical considerations and scheduling constraints. The initial design is sketched and presented to the client for review. Sketches are revised until the client is satisfied with the design, ranges of colors and types of materials to be used. As necessary, Lorie will create small mosaic samples that utilize the materials to be used. Once approved, the project work really begins! Lorie estimates that each piece takes between 12-18 hours of work per square foot.

Her materials and tools include stained glass and glass cutters. She cuts each piece to size (and no, she doesn’t just take a hammer to them!). One of the things I like so much about Lorie’s work is the fine use of the tile – there is little grout and almost all the pieces are tiny! With these small pieces of glass, Lorie creates designs that are intricate in detail, with subtle yet breathtaking color variations.

This kitchen back splash is pretty spectacular, isn’t it? I’d never want to put anything on the counters! Actually, not a bad way to be sure you keep the counters uncluttered!
Visit Mosaica Botanica for many more images. Thanks Lorie for taking the time to meet with me!

Images courtesy of Mosaica Botanica, and Linda Merrill for ::Surroundings::

xoxo Linda

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