8 thoughts on “Meet The Artist: R. Kenton Nelson”

  1. Hi, I found you through Cote de Texas and the SGG posts.

    I have two R. Kenton Nelson lithographs which are farily large. I got them from Restoration Hardware when they first opened. One is called Admiration and the other one is called Evelyn. They are both of the same subject, the female swimmer with the red bathing cap. We love these! One day we hope to have a painting of his. I never made the complete connection between his style and your comparison of Rockwell, whom I also love. The comparison is good. The style is different, but idealized, as was Rockwell’s. Life as we wish it were.

    Thanks for the post with this photo.

  2. Art Deco Banner—Opening of Crissy Field— R. Kenton Nelson


    Appx 36” x 72”

    Vinyl Banner celebrating opening of Crissy Field
    as part of Golden Gate National Park, May 6, 2001.

    The artist is R. Kenton Nelson.

    Wooden pole and hardware for hanging.


  3. I just found this post when researching the artist who designed my "Flying Circus" street banner which I found at the warming hut in San Francisco's Warming Hut, after they were taken down from the streets after the opening celebration of Crissy Field. Great post…
    Great information! I am doing a post on Street Banner Art tomorrow, check it out if you get this comment! Janell

  4. It took me years to find Kenton Nelson after my wife admired "Two Seats" when she saw the Nancy Meyers film. This was because Roger Ebert's review of "Something's Gotta Give" went out of its way to identify the paintings as Jack Vettriano's. Wrong.

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