DIY Project: Fabric Covered side boards

As I’ve mentioned before, I live in a condo. What I may or may not have mentioned is that my condo has no closets or any other kind of storage. My kitchen only has two drawers. Can you imagine? A kitchen with only two drawers??? I work at home and have many hobbies, so my need for storage solutions is very high. But I also want things to look nice. So, while I want to be able to entertain, I also need to haul everything out when I’m sewing. And put it away…and take it out… you get the picture. Until I can afford the beautiful built-in storage units/sideboards that I dream about, I have to make due with constructed sideboards swathed in fabric. Below is what I’ve had up till this past weekend. Covered wire storage cubes (image below) with a luan plywood top and fabric draping. The center piece is a wrought iron bakers rack. For decoration, I covered large painters canvases with my favorite toile fabric that I purchased in Paris a few years ago.

Pay no attention to that mess behind the curtain!

Anyway, over the long New Years weekend, I felt like making a change. So, off came the black Waverly “bee-de-lys” fabric and on came a breath of spring in an embroidered silk floral and pink topper. I cut and hemmed the fabric to the correct length and stapled the panels onto the luan.

The pink topper was hemmed all around and I could have left it like this…
… but I thought that tailoring it with a button detail was more interesting and finished looking.
Of course, new fabrics inspired me to completely re-accessorize that end of my room. I’m a big believer that one should rotate artwork and accessories around the house. The longer a piece stays in the same place, the less likely we are to look at them. So, I decided it was time to rotate two of my favorite pieces into prime viewing location. I love photography and have a mini-collection bought at auction of two pieces by photographer Anne Henning, whose work I really admire. Many of her photos are taken in Europe – particularly France and Italy. The piece just to the right of the bakers rack was taken of the door to an umbrella shop in Paris and includes a fabulous pink fuzzy umbrella. The piece to its right is a vista of the Tuscan countryside. Love, love, love these pieces!

The images to the left of the bakers rack include a photo I took in Bar Harbor, ME and a series of smaller images taken in Europe. And, I kept one of my toile fabric panels. Other accessories include my Eiffel Tower clock (set to Paris time) and an antique chocolate pot that was a wedding gift to my great grandparents.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with my weekend project. Someday, however, I will get those built-ins!!

xoxo Linda

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  1. No way! I had this same idea for my wire shelving I had leftover after college. I needed storage that was prettier than what I had, so I got a piece of plywood to fit and covered it with cloth. I’ve got three in my house right now!

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