Buy this house: Newport Mansion

Check out this article in todays’ Boston Globe about the sale of Oakwood in Newport , which was the summer home of Mary Astor. While many of the Newport mansions have been preserved as museums, this has been a real home for over a century.

This breakfast room is relatively low key as compared to the rest of the house. Well – except for the ginormous portrait on the right.

The formal living room looks like it belongs in the White House, although the slipcovered sofa’s are a casual touch that makes the room feel a bit more livable.

A recent addition is this fabulous master bathroom.

So, if you have $10.7M and a hankering to live among the ghosts of the Gilded Age – this could be the place for you!

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(photography by Tom Herde, courtesy of The Boston Globe)

xoxo Linda

1 thought on “Buy this house: Newport Mansion”

  1. I’ll never forget seeing the rows of fabulous mansions in Newport. I especially loved the ones overlooking the ocean. My entire two story house could fit in their foyers.

    This one is a wee bit out of my price range. Ah, well. It’s nice to wish and set goals, though, isn’t it?

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