Travel Tuesday: Costa Rica

Some clients of mine have just flown off to Costa Rica – and I admit, I’m a little jealous! Even though I’m leaving for Paris in a little over two weeks – the sunny warmth of this jewel of a location beckons. I found these amazing images on the New York Times of a golf resort club house that looks a lot like the Sydney Opera House which lead my to the Peninsula Papagayo Resort. With private residences, hotels, golf courses and amazing views, once can imagine never wanting to leave!

Anyone for a quick trip?

xoxo Linda

4 thoughts on “Travel Tuesday: Costa Rica”

  1. Costa Rica isn’t an island and Sydney is spelled with a Y. That said, your photography is beautiful.

  2. Amazing. I love the picture where the sky meets the ocean and the mansion – reminds me of that part of the creation story where god divides the waters above and below. Very awe insipring image. I noticed a lot of hardwood floors in the design too – it would liven up with the right area rug. I’ve bought three of my area rugs at – they have an awesome selection.

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