Top Design: Goil Amornvivat on Trading Spaces

Goil Amornvivat – one of the viewers favorites and top four finalist from Bravo’s Top Design Season 1 – makes his official debut on TLC’ s Trading Spaces on Saturday at 9:00PM.

Goil’s architecture background will most certainly be an asset to Trading Spaces. His penchant for modern design and out of the box thinking is sure to surprise – and perhaps shock – some of the homeowners.

Here are images of Goil’s work on Top Design:

Good luck, Goil!

Click here to read my interview with Goil.

xoxo Linda

1 thought on “Top Design: Goil Amornvivat on Trading Spaces”

  1. What a goofball. I cannot stand his constant laughing and giggling. It really does get obnoxious throughout the sow. He may be a good designer, but he needs some personality coaching.

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