Blogging for Business – Is it for you?

On Thursday, February 21st, I’ll be participating in a panel discussion on blogging and business. This event is sponsored by the Downtown Women’s Club. The Boston chapter, of which I am currently one of this years’ co-directors, has a regular monthly brown bag lunch held in Boston.

The subject? Is Blogging for You?

There are now millions of bloggers out here in the blogosphere. Why do we do it? For one thing, it’s a completely democratic endeavor. It’s generally free and completely available to anyone who who wishes to try it (assuming you already have internet access and your content is not illegal). There are blogs on every topic and idea out there. Some people use their blog as a soapbox for their political beliefs, others use their blog to self-publish their poetry or discuss their love lives.

For those of us in business, we might use our blogs as a way to establish our expertise, reach out to new markets or expand our knowledge base. As for me, I started blogging in 2005. That first year, I did 24 posts. In 2006 I did 76 posts and in 2007 I really hit it with 556. I originally started as a way of marketing my interior design business and giving my newsletters, which I was sending out quarterly to a small group readers, a longer life. I also thought of it as a way to catalogue all the great designer finds I work with every day. It really took me until last year to realize how much I have learned in the process and how much I love to write and share with my readers. I also learn so much and am inspired by reading the other design blogs out there (check out my favorite sites blog roll in my sidebar).

Thursday’s event should be very interesting and if you’re in Boston, click here for more information.

My co-panelists are:

Diane K. Danielson, CEO Her blog: Womens Dish

Grace Garcia, Partner at Morrison Mahoney. Her blog: Massachusetts Litigation Blog

Leanna Hamill, attorney specializing in Estate Planning and Wills. Her blog: Massachusetts Litigation and Elder Law

Do you blog? And if so, why?

xoxo Linda

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