Thanks District Lounge!

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m co-director of the Boston chapter of the Downtown Women’s Club. We had a very fun event this evening – a Shop & Spa – at the fabulously decorated District Restaurant & Lounge near South Station in Boston.

White tufted patent leather banquets and real birch tree wall treatments created a perfect mix of glitz and nature. I didn’t get a chance to eat anything, but the food looked pretty fabulous too!

On a side note – as I was driving around looking for a parking space, I noticed two things. One was that several parking meters had signs on them saying that they were “reserved for filming”. And then on a nearby street, I noticed that there were a lot of Christmas decorations up. While we do like our holiday decor here, it’s a little past its time. Come to find out – Matthew McCaughney and Jennifer Garner are filming Ghosts of Girlfriends Past here in Boston. So, I didn’t see the stars, but next year when the film comes out, I’ll have seen the decoration!!

xoxo Linda