8 thoughts on “Maison et Objet 2008 – Acrila furniture”

  1. i hope your dad is doing well (and that you are as well).

    these pieces are amazing – I covet, seriously and desperately COVET – that screen with the images of Paris. I can’t even imagine (insert shudder here) how much that costs.

    definitely thinking of you and your dad….take care.

  2. I *heart* their furniture line! I was able to find several of their pieces on: http://www.frenchtouchdeco.com. Unfortunately this company is no longer. I am unable to get through to them via phone call (I get a busy signal every time I call) or email (they never write back). I live in Chicago. Any advice on where I can purchase some of the beautiful furniture pieces? Thanks!

  3. Hi again, Nancy! The folks at Acrila called me back and are going to send me their catalogue. There is no US distribution, but she said I could order pieces direct. I’ll see when the catalogue comes – her English was about as good as my French. If you want, send me an email so I have your email addy and I’ll let you know when the cat. comes.


  4. Linda,

    Hi! I actually also received a called from Acrila the other day. 🙂 She said she’d be mailing me a catalogue too. Thanks and hopefully I’ll be talking to you soon.


  5. Hi Ladies,
    I have been looking to purchase an Acrila coffee table and there is another company that sells all their products. The website is http://www.stools.hu, its out of Budapest. The speak english well and give you the prices in dollars.


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