What to do with those bridesmaids dresses

Katherine Heigl in “27 Dresses”

The LA Times has this fun article by Jane Eastman on the subject of how to make use of those blasted bridesmaids dresses we’ve all (well, 50% of us!) been forced to wear at times. Cut ’em up and decorate with them! Reading this article is such a “smack myself up the side of my head” moment – as I’ve done this with dresses I’m no longer wearing – and it never occurred to me to do a blog post about it!

It’s such a no brainer of an idea. I mean, really, we never wear those dresses again. No matter what the bride says, or we think. I still have the dress I wore to my best friends’ wedding – in the early 1990’s – hanging in my closet. Why? Because I made the dresses (two of the four in the wedding) and can’t bare to get rid of it. But, it doesn’t fit, it’s no longer in style… hmm… Ironically, these dresses were made from decorator fabric to begin with – a blue, small pattern, Waverly polished cotton chintz. They would make some pretty pillows for someone…

I did cut up the dress I wore in my brothers’ wedding – to make Barbie bridesmaids dresses for my nieces few years ago. I thought that was poetic justice…

xoxo Linda

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  1. Hi Linda –

    Never thought to decorate with them, but I did use a few as Halloween costumes. One periwinkle blue poufy sleeved dress was a perfect Alice in Wonderland costume (I just added the apron and the headband). But, man that brocade fabric one that I had to wear on a 95 degree day, that would have made some great pillows now that I think about it.


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