Cool Spaces: Going to the Chapel

One of my dreams is to live in a home that was once some other type of space. A few years ago when I was living in Newburyport, MA, I went on the Christmas house tour and one of the homes was a converted meeting hall and school dating to the early 1800’s. While many of the touches were contemporary, the current homeowners also paid homage to the old school house with a super long dinner table lined with many chairs – like an old style lunch hall. So cool.

The New York Times had a piece this week on the Lufkin’s, owners and renovators of the cathedral in the historic New York Cancer Hospital, which was built in the 1880’s. After some designer misteps (covering up the windows with drapes???) this lucky couple seems to have gotten it right.

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Photos by Bruce Buck for The New York Times.

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  1. I haven’t seen it in a long time but there was a show (on HGTV?) that profiled people living in repurposed buildings, such as churches, schools, and factories. It would be fun to have all that space!

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