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  1. Does anyone know what color paint was used in the master bedroom in Something's Gotta Give? I read it might have been a custom color, but any idea of a similar color would be helpful.

  2. Hi ! I have always wondered who the maker was of the pretty scalloped table, that was in Diane Keeton's bedroom/office. The one she had her bowl of rocks on. I am just dying for that table! lol.. Thanks for any help !

  3. hi- how about the painting over the bed in her bedroom? It is very simple blues and greys, looks like an edge of a beach and then the water with maybe one boat in the distance? Thanks so much, great info here!

  4. I love the beach house. I’ve trying to find some of the artwork from the movie, especially the beach scene in the living room. I think it’s called rockaway beach. I can’t find anything. Can anyone help? Kathy

  5. Hi Anon – The living sofas are basic slip covered sofas that can be purchased at many price points – from $500 (cheap and a waste of money) to $5000. However, check out Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware for what they have. Expect to pay $1500 for a decent slip cover sofa in a plain fabric. More $ if you special order the fabric.

  6. Do you know anything about the sofas in the livingroom? they are so pretty, how much should we pay for a good sofa these days? Nice ones seem to be so expensive.

  7. I would like to find out the names of the paintings 1. in the foyer (a pair of legs and an aidrondack chair with puffy clouds; looks like someone looking off the side of a ship?) and 2. in the master bedroom over the fireplace (a woman in a bathing suit sitting down). This art is pictured in the beach house in the movie "Something's Gotta Give".

    Thank you.

  8. I actually have a picture of the something’s gotta give dining room chair fabric. Up close and not on the chairs. Lee Jofa seems to make it difficult to order their fabric. There are no pictures in the LJ books of the current bordeaux toile print color schemes. I will keep checking back to see if you have figured out anything.

  9. Thanks Ideachild!

    And Anon – regarding the fabric, word is that it’s Lee Jofa’s “Bordeaux Toile”. I thought it was discontinued, but LJ has a couple available colorways of this pattern. I have ordered samples to see if any match the pictures. The Lee Jofa retail price is $148/yard, although I can sell it for less than that if anyone wants it. Anyway, we’ll see what the samples look like. Otherwise, if they’ve discontinued it, it may be available somewhere, but you’d just have to keep searching on line or in stores that carry discontinued lots.

  10. Where can I find the Lee Jofa bordeaux toile print? I am desperate!!! I have looked and looked!!

  11. I took a shot and posted a search on google that read, “How to Get the Something’s gotta give look for your home and voila! a sight with folks who love the set design from that picture as much as I do! Thanks, I’m glad there are others that admire this work as much as I do. Keep the tips coming’! Your efforts are appreciated.

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